Things to consider…

As a soon to be beginning teacher, one of my fear is that I won’t engage students with my lessons. While on Edutopia today I saw two articles to keep in mind as I start student teaching and work on developing my teaching style. The first about burning your podium, here, which mentions Gee and gamification (I’m in!!.) The second is reasons for starting each day off with a poem, here, which intrigues me. I noticed in a creative writing class I’ve been observing that students really don’t like poetry and other than articulating that they don’t like the form, they couldn’t really give concrete reasons why. I’ve wondered if it isn’t partly because they don’t see it frequently enough and when they do see it, they have a hard time engaging with the form. I especially found it odd, because some of them were crafting great poems, so about how much they hate poetry.

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